✨ Northumbria Research Computing Community Launch event ✨

❓What is the Northumbria Research Computing Community?

This is a grassroots community being developed by a group of researchers at Northumbria. We recognise that many of us use similar tools, face similar problems, and teach similar topics - even if from different research domains. We hope that by meeting and sharing our experiences, our tips and tricks, our trials and tribulations, we will support and grow the research software community at Northumbria.

The NRCC community is very much in development - this is our first event. Hopefully after this meeting our community will be much bigger!

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Who is this community for?

This event is open to staff and postgraduate students across all the departments at Northumbria. You do not need a certain level of expertise to join us - you may have been coding in Fortran since the 70s, or you may be brand new to research computing - you are welcome!

🚀 What will happen at the launch event?

This is your chance to meet other researchers from across Northumbria University who use and develop research software.

First we have a keynote from Mike Croucher. Mike is a Customer Success Engineer at MathWorks where he works with researchers and educators on many different aspects of research computing. His interests center around research software engineering, high performance and cloud computing and various aspects of machine learning, mathematics and science. He has over 20 years of experience in the field.

We will also hear from Northumbria academic Lucy Whalley, who will be reflecting on what she has learnt as a author, reviewer and topic editor at the Journal of Open Source Software. Hopefully there will be a representative from the IT team at Northumbria (TBC) and from the wider community at Northumbria through a series of short flash presentations (more details below).

Over lunch (which is provided) we will have discussion tables to explore various questions, including: where next for the Northumbria research computing community? do we want to run a regular newsletter? how can we best support research computing at Northumbria? how might we want to work with existing regional and national research computing networks?

This event has been financially supported by the Software Sustainability Institute.

Time Description Link
10:00 Welcome from the organising team -
10:15 Keynote (title TBC) - Mike Croucher, MathWorks link
11:00 break  
11:15 Some selfish and not-so-selfish reasons for sharing your code - Lucy Whalley, Northumbria University link
11:45 break -
12:00 Flash presentations -
12:45 Break-out discussion tables and lunch -

The organising team for this event are: Craig Warren (MCE), Rahul Sharma (MPEE), Richard Morton (MPEE) and Lucy Whalley (MPEE).

📢 Can I contribute?


A key aspect of this event is learning about the breadth of research software that is developed, maintained and used at Northumbria. To achieve this we will have a sereis of flash presentations, and we would like to have contributions from across the university deparments and across career stages. You are very much welcome to present work in progress, or provide a general overview of how you use research computing for your research and/or teaching.

Perhaps you have written a piece of code you would like to share? Perhaps you have been teaching programming and have some resources to highlight? Perhaps you have a wild idea for the future and would like an audience to pass it by? All are welcome, aslong as they relate somehow to research computing..

Presentations must be on a single (unanimated) slide, or web-browser based (for example, a quick walk through of an online tool or website). Each presentation can run for up to 3 minutes.

⏰ When is it?

10am-2pm, Thursday 21st of October 2021.

🏛️ Where is it?

The Hedley Suite (4th floor of Sandyford building), Northumbria University.

✏️ Sign me up!

To attend this event please sign-up here. If you have any questions, please contact

😞 Oh I’m busy with something else that day

Our plan is to record the talks and make this publicly available. Hopefully there will also be future events and possibly a mailing list. If you’d like to be kept informed, please contact us to register interest.